Red Paddle Co - 2021 Red Paddle Co Ride C100 Package

The Ride range is considered something of a benchmark when it come to an all-round iSUP. Over it's 10+ years of existence there have been continual improvements with the boards retaining there original concept of simple accessible fun on the water.

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"We have used a range of RED Paddle Co boards in our demo/rental fleet for many years. After thousands of customers have used our boards we can confidently say Ride boards will give you years of satisfaction." - SW Staff



All Red Paddle Co boards are made to the highest standards using quality materials. MSL is Red's fusion technology, MSL involves combining a second layer of durable material to the dropstitch core at the raw material stage therefore removing any hand gluing errors. The process not only adds stiffness to the boards but it also reduces the weight of the board by up to 2kg.


  • RIDE 9'8 - Length: 9'8" Width: 31" Thickness: 3.93" / 100mm Volume: 186 litres Rider Weight: Up to 95kgs
  • RIDE 10'6 - Length: 10'6" Width: 32" Thickness: 4.7" / 120mm Volume: 245 litres Rider Weight: Up to 100kgs
  • RIDE 10'8 - Length 10'8" Width: 34" Thickness: 4.7" / 120mm Volume: 270 litres Rider Weight: Up to 120kg


Each board will come with the following additions:


Paddle - This package includes the Carbon 100 3 piece adjustable paddle. It is lightest and stiffest paddle available in a Red Paddle Co package. Once you have used a good quality paddle you won't look back. 

Leash - Very important as it keeps the board attached to you if you fall in the water. The 2021 leash has benefited from beefed up velcro.

Titan II Pump - An improved version of the classic Titan. The new version is easier to use and pack away without compromising it's pumping ability. (only available when purchased as a package) 

Maintenance kit - You probably will never need it.

Board Bag - Very fancy with shoulder and waist straps carrying handles and integral wheels. 


One of the big perks of buying a Red board is the warranty. 5 years of cover!


These boards are available to Demo

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