Red Paddle Co - 2021 Red Paddle Co - VOYAGER CN package

The Voyager range from Red Paddle Co is for people who are looking for a stable Touring iSUP. Available in two sizes 12'6 and 13'2. This board has been used to paddle the length of the UK!

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New for 2021

"V" shaped hull - Thanks to some clever engineering the Voyager now comes with a slight "V" shape in the front third of the board. The reshaped hull encourages water away from the underside of the board, the theory being it will move more quickly and easily through the water.

Twin fin - for added tracking ability.

Repositioned grab handles - maximises deck standing area.

Titan II pump - Easier to inflate and store.

New deck bungees - which can be removed easily if needed.

RSS batons - for added stiffness. Now in bright orange so they are harder to loose.


"For years we have used a range of RED boards in our demo/hire fleet, they have been rented thousands of times and held up to all sorts of rental abuse." - SW Staff


All Red Paddle Co boards are made to the highest standards using quality materials. MSL is Red's fusion technology, MSL involves combining a second layer of durable material to the dropstitch core at the raw material stage therefore removing any hand gluing errors. The process not only adds stiffness to the boards but it also reduces the weight of the board by up to 2kg.


VOYAGER 12'6 - Length: 12'6" Width: 32" Thickness: 5.9" Volume: 361 litres Rider Weight: Up to 150kgs

VOYAGER 13'2 - Length: 13'2" Width: 30" Thickness: 5.9" Volume: 347 litres Rider Weight: Up to 150kgs


What's in the box?


Board (Obviously) - These boards are designed for touring, so perfect for day trips where you need to cover more distance.

Paddle - 3 piece adjustable carbon nylon paddle - durable and light.

Leash - Very important as it keeps the board attached to you if you fall in the water. Comes with improved more durable velcro.

RSS Batons - for added stiffness. Now easier to fit and supplied in high visibility orange, (so you're less likely to loose them).

Titan II Pump - Version II of the classic Titan pump. Now easier to use and store without compromising powerful pumping ability.

Maintenance kit - You'll probably never need it.

Board Bag - Very fancy, more than just an after thought.


One of the big perks of buying a Red board is the warranty. 5 years of cover!


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