Dryrobe - Dryrobe Long Sleeve

Warm, dry and Weather Proof. Perfect for Open water swimmers, Dog walkers and anyone everyone else. The Dryrobe Long Sleeve is a must this winter.

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Bye-bye chilly changing


If you’ve ever shivered uncontrollably after getting out of the water where there are no changing facilities available, you’ll love the dryrobe Advance long sleeve.


It has an extra loose fit so you can easily change into and out of your wetsuit or swimwear. Whatever the weather, the dryrobe Advance helps you to dry off and stay warm while preserving your modesty.


The lining is made from a special fabric that draws water away from your skin, so you’ll spend less time shivering and more time feeling toasty.


It’s available in several sizes and colours, and the loose fit and two-way internal/external zips mean you can easily pull your arms inside to change your clothing. Or you can simply wear it to keep warm between events, or while camping, or anywhere you’re likely to feel cold and damp without one.




Special lining draws moisture away from your skin, but can be worn several times without it feeling wet or cold

Preserves energy and core temperature

Many pockets for keeping hands warm and possessions close to hand

Two-way waterproof pocket on the chest for your valuables

Weighs just 1.3kg and can fit into a travel compression sack

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