Orca - Orca S7, (mens)

The Orca S7 wetsuit is designed for progressive swimmers and triathletes. Using thicker, (4.5mm) neoprene panels in the body and upper legs buoyancy is enhanced leading to an better swimming position.

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Article number: P-12877
Quantity: 6

Big on buoyancy


If you’re a progressive swimmer who needs extra buoyancy, the S7 is the wetsuit for you! It’s a great alternative to the 3.8, because it’s designed to elevate the triathlete’s position in the water without restricting swim strokes.




  • SCS coating on the neoprene for less friction, more speed

  • Soft-touch, comfortable neck area lining to reduce friction and chafing

  • 5mm-thick neoprene in the leg and hip areas helps your lower body stay at the surface

  • 3mm-thick chest panel prevents body sway caused by improper breathing

  • 2mm Yamamoto forearm, shoulder and arm panels with 39-cell SCS lining and flexible liner for mobility and flexibility

  • Yamamoto Hydrolite 39-cell panels in the lower legs for faster transitions and an easier-to-remove wetsuit


The technology behind the S7 wetsuit comes courtesy of several of the world’s top brands:


  • Yamamoto: quality, technology and innovation are behind the world’s top supplier of high-performance neoprene

  • Yamamoto 39 Cell: extremely flexible neoprene that moves with you, with zero water absorption and zero weight variation – so, more speed

  • Nano SCS: reduces friction and increases speed

  • HydroLite: faster transitions as HydroLite helps you to remove the wetsuit easier

  • Infinity Skin: high-elasticity nylon with bamboo fibres to help maintain body heat, reduce body odour and prevent the appearance of skin irritation.

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