Red Original - Red Paddle Co Original PFD

A non-bulky alternative to a buoyancy aid, the Red Original Airbelt PFD is designed with SUPers in mind. Non-restrictive, compact and comfortable, this PFD has certified safety features and is suitable for people weighing from 40 to 130 kilos.

Article number: P-13943
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Stay safe on the water with the Red Original airbelt personal flotation device (PFD). This is a crucial piece of kit for SUP, especially if you’re looking for a more streamlined alternative to a buoyancy aid.


The Red Original Airbelt PFD offers maximum freedom and comfort, and is fast and easy to deploy. It helps you to stay safe if you get in trouble, but won’t get in your way.


The PFD is issued with a five-year guarantee and is ISO certified.


The Airbelt is worn around the waist, concealing the bladder. In the event that you need it, just pull the inflatable bladder out of the pocket, put it over your head and pull the cord to inflate it.


After use you can re-arm the PFD quite simply, by replacing the 16g CO2 cylinder.


The PFD features a water resistant storage pocket for your essentials, and D-ring clip points in case you need to attach other items to it.


The Red Original Airbelt PFD is suitable for people weighing 40-130 kilos

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