Scottish sea kayaking book

This sea kayaking Book dedicated to kayaking trips all around Scotland. The book holds tons of knowledge about the areas mentioned in the book. Authors Doug cooper and George Reid have outdone themselves adding little snippets of knowledge only acquired b

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All 264 pages of this Kayaking guide is full of useful knowledge only gained through years and years of sea kayaking experience. 

Learn about the local wildlife and how specific parts of the tide change depending on the weather. 

You will also learn Gaelic words such as Carraig, Clais, Coille and Uamh.

Stephen 08-07-2021 10:22

Great little book with a fair amount of info. Only getting a 4* review as 50 journeys doesn't seen to cover enough of Scotland. Good for a bit of inspiration though. I have all of the other Pesda Press guides and they are great.

4 stars based on 1 reviews