WRSI - WRSI Current helmet

The WRSI Current is a modern helmet with a classic look. It's unique selling point is it's Interconnect Retention System which tightens up the cradle under additional load making it grip your head more securely. 

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Hard shell


The WRSI Current paddling helmet combines advanced safety technologies with an affordable price.


It features 3-layer impact absorption, an interconnect retention system and an o-brace harness, for great protection and performance at a price that’s accessible to any budget.


The plastic shell is lightweight, high-impact ABS and this, combined with the EVA foam liner and polyurethane sub-shell, will protect your head from impact.


Interconnected straps hold the helmet in place securely. This system self-adjusts, holding the helmet firmly in place if water force pushes the helmet back.


The harness is adjustable and helps keep the helmet safely in place.


The breathable liner, which can easily be removed for washing or drying, is designed to compress and conform, providing a snug, comfortable fit.

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